Jeanette Hernandez


I am pleased to submit my candidacy for the NSSTA board of directors. For the last year and one-half I have served as the EVP and Chief Business Development Officer at Ringler. While I’m new to the structured settlement industry, I am certainly not new to the insurance business.  For over two decades I have served in leadership positions with national and super-regional carriers as well as TPA’s.  While much of my time has been in claims, I have extensive experience in sales, finance, and technology. 

 I’ve decided to run to bring a fresh and experienced perspective on persistent issues in our industry.  I am not suggesting our problems are easily solved.  We have so much positive going for us in the settlement space and I truly believe our challenges are opportunities if we are committed to innovative change and investments to “get it done.” 

While I have experience from serving on the Innovation Committee, quite frankly, with so much experience on the NSSTA board, what would be additive is someone new who’ll listen respectfully and offer up new perspectives in an objective and confident manner.  I feel that my leadership as a female executive will bring a fresh viewpoint to NSSTA and create the opportunity for much needed and greater diversity in our industry.  That is what I bring to the table.

Education on the benefits of structured settlements as a settlement tool is key for both our clients and the injured parties. As an industry, we must bring the issue to the forefront and expand how we offer this education by partnering with other industry organizations or encouraging industry designations.

Building for the Future

In our ever-changing environment, it takes expertise and experience to provide the best service and products. To succeed, we must pass this on to the next generation of consultants.  It’s imperative that we advance our use of technology, drive the use of structured settlements, and utilize tools that will propel our industry into the future.  I believe that for true progress, we need to understand what we do well but be strong enough to change what no longer works. I will be a voice and advocate for issues that are important to structure firms, life companies, carriers, and clients to move our industry forward together.

Thank you for the opportunity! 


Jeanette Hernandez