Kerri Poe, CSSC

NSSTA Board Candidate Statement



As a long-time supporter of NSSTA, it is an honor to be considered for a seat on the Board of Directors. The decision to run was not made lightly as it was important to me that I run at a time when I felt I had something new to offer the organization. And that time is now. The perspective I will bring to the Board is shaped by my experience – experience in the industry, experience in NSSTA, and experience as a female business owner. 


Although my name may be new to many of you, I have been in the structured settlement industry for almost 25 years.  My career has spanned several roles, starting as an Administrative Assistant with Galagher Settlements to my current position as an Associate of Atlas Settlement Group.  My experience runs the gamut from liability to employment litigation but my primary focus is now Worker’s Compensation. With clients nationwide, I’ve worked on Workers Compensation cases in most states which will bring a much-needed viewpoint to the Board. NSSTA’s Board is never at a loss for liability experience so having my Workers Compensation perspective and skillset will help bring a different approach to industry issues. Worker’s Compensation is rarely spotlighted at NSSTA and I believe there is room to grow this portion of our industry.  Let’s face it – $50,000 MSA annuities are less sexy than multimillion-dollar mass tort settlements but those $50,000 annuities are a consistent part of our industry’s annual premium.   My Worker’s Compensation background will also bring another level of Medicare expertise on the Board which will help NSSTA address legislative challenges like the MSA Direct Pay Option.


I am a proud supporter of NSSTA and have been involved with the Legs & Regs Committee for several years. During my time on the committee, I served as Co-Chair from 2017 to 2019 and am currently head of the Take the Hill subcommittee.  My involvement in Legs and Regs has allowed me to hear insights from some of the smartest people in our industry but it’s also shown me how we can do better. I would like to see NSSTA take a more proactive approach to shaping policy instead of responding to it.  I support efforts to partner with our Congressional supporters to expand Section 104 as well as continued collaboration with organizations like AAJ and AAPD. 


Finally, I want to champion female empowerment in our industry. I am proud to be taking an active role in NSSTA’s newly formed Women’s Caucus and plan to continue working with the group.  Supporting other women build businesses and become active in NSSTA is an important step in our growth as an industry. In a time where we see more and more female attorneys, judges, and claims executives, NSSTA also needs to show a more diverse membership. If elected, I will do my best to follow in the footsteps of the talented women who have served before me.


The last year has proven to be a challenge for many, both professionally and personally. We’ve had to pivot and come up with new ways to service and stay connected to our clients. And while this has been a challenge, it also puts us in a unique position to use this creative energy to shape the future of structured settlements. With your vote, I look forward to being part of NSSTA’s future.