Peter Early

A Vote For Passion and Strength!

As a long-time contributor to NSSTA and a supporter of NSSTA’s mission, I am excited to announce my candidacy for the NSSTA Board of Directors.  From the beginning of my professional career on Capitol Hill, I’ve learned firsthand how important committed advocacy from passionate members of an industry could be.  I support NSSTA in its entirety – from assisting with ground-level initiatives to putting my money where my mouth is an becoming a Leadership Circle contributor –  I believe that my passion for all that NSSTA represents can translate into initiatives that will not only strengthen NSSTA, but our position in Congress as well.

My NSSTA Service

As the chair of NSSTA’s Take The Hill Program since its inception, I’m thrilled that we have been able to arrange in-person meetings between hundreds of our members and Congressional leaders.  As Congress continues to deal with churn and upheaval, our message remains constant.  And, with 128 new members of Congress our education and advocacy is more urgent than ever.

Beyond our role as the voice of our industry in Congress, I know how valuable NSSTA is in monitoring State and Federal Legislation.  I have served on the Legs & Regs Committee since 2012, and was Co-Chair in 2016 and 2017.  In that role I gained insight into the innumerable pieces of legislation that could impact our business.  Most recently, I was involved in shepherding the New Hampshire Structured Settlement Protection Act, which is being introduced during the current session of the New Hampshire legislature

NSSTA and Our Industry’s Future

As a second-generation structured settlement consultant, I have watched our industry evolve and have seen how quickly changes are coming today.  A vote for me will help affect that evolution in a way that benefits all stakeholders in the settlement process.  Keeping a focused and intentional agenda is paramount.  Attracting and educating newcomers to our profession is vital.  Maintaining and improving collegial behavior is a priority and the key to healthy relationships between settlement professionals, our partners, and our clients.  I believe I have the reputation and experience necessary to recognize the industry and association’s past, but the youth and energy to keep it pointed towards the future.  That future is brighter than ever, and I look forward to being a part of leading the effort on NSSTA’s Board.

Thank you for the opportunity!