Ravi Vaswani

2020 has reminded us that we can never get comfortable with the norms. To survive, we must constantly evaluate our ever-changing environment and continue to evolve. Leading organizations go one step further — they prepare for possible future scenarios. That is what we must do within the National Structured Settlements Trade Association.

Bridging Gaps

In 2019, more premium was structured than ever before. But we still haven’t gotten back to
the number of cases we did in 2008. Claimants settling for cash continues to be our biggest competitor. Across the nation, settlement consultants are having challenges to earn a seat at the table for our product to be considered in settlements. Why? Everyone has their own answers to this and in my travels, I’ve heard a lot of them. Many are valid answers that need to be discussed, and collectively solved; a few of those answers are excuses. I will collaborate with parties on all sides to work TOGETHER to overcome challenges with mutually beneficial solutions. By bringing people together, I bridge gaps in information so that we can work TOGETHER for continued successes.

My experience and network helps me identify solutions to unique challenges. I am proud to have built strong relationships with quality individuals, on the Producer, Provider and Industry Associate sides of the industry. I am regularly invited to consult on cases, producer marketing plans and to help educate various parties to a settlement. This experience and network has allowed me to bridge the gap between parties. I will do the same for the Association.


  • Focused on Structured Settlement Annuities for 15 years; 25 years experience in Financial Services.

  • Served on NSSTA Education Committee (4 years) and Innovation Committee (currently, 3 years).

  • For the last 9 years, traveled full time to work with settlement consultants and their clients. Over that time, like

    many of you, I’ve traveled over 1 million air miles; driven thousands of miles and logged several hundred hotel

    nights. Like many of you, I can office anywhere.

  • Previously managed Structured Settlements Internal Sales and New Business/Document Review departments.

  • Most importantly, I’ve spent extensive time hearing the perspectives of plaintiff and defense settlement

    consultants, attorneys, fellow life company colleagues, P&C company representatives and had the opportunity to

    meet with several injury victims. I have celebrated in your successes and shared in your pain after a tough loss.

    Producing Successes:

    • Helped a forward thinking life company increase production from $100 million in 2005 to $1.3 billion in 2019.

    • Worked with my home office to identify an industry opportunity, assisted in developing and successfully launching

      an innovative and unique benefit option. In 2019, the Index Linked Annuity Payment Adjustment Rider (ILAPA) brought in $100 Million. I continue to advise settlement consultants and your clients on individual cases.

      Tax Code

      We must always remember the mission of the the Association is to ensure no harm is done to the sections of the tax code which allow an injured party to recover tax free. We must remain vigilant in protecting the parties we serve while also identifying and pursuing sensible opportunities to expand our potential market.

      In Appreciation

      I am appreciative of the support from my family, my colleagues at Pacific Life, and so many supportive industry professionals. I am very proud to work in this industry and wish to expand how I serve this industry. I am ready to work. I ask for your vote for the NSSTA Board of Directors.

      Please vote for Ravi Vaswani for NSSTA Board of Directors.